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My Canon EOS-1n makes for fast shots, speedy autofocus, multiple kinds of metering, and a wealth of lens options. With my Leica M6, on the other hand, I’m taking my sweet ol’ time, thinking more about depth of field, lighting, and just waiting for the moment. Let’s discuss.

It’s happening fast and slow! — Shot with Canon EOS-1n (left) and Leica M6 (right) — photo by Jason Garcia

I own a Canon EOS-1n from the late ’90s, and I consider this my go-to film rig. It’s basically the predecessor to Canon’s digital lineup, so its features are very similar to some cameras that Canon was making early in their digital day. I rely on this camera for fast…

I needed to get back to my photography roots. Film was the way.

Shinbashi, Tokyo — by Jason Garcia
Shimbashi, Tokyo ~ by Jason Garcia

Shooting film changes the way I capture images here in Tokyo. There’s something about this urban setting and film helps tell a different kind of story. To me, it adds mystery. It adds an element of surprise…

You’re a new photographer on the go. You need these items.

The essentials.

So many of us have asked, “What do I buy and why?” I’ve spent years using different gear and determining what’s best for my type of photo experiences and I’m here to help you on your way to find yours. For context, I mainly shoot urban and nature settings, so…

One of my goals is to own a Leica camera 👍. I have no issue with affordability, but I just can’t fathom dropping a few thousand dollars on one. Enter one of my favorites, a $70 camera, the Panasonic/Lumix GX1.

Panasonic GX1 • 16MP • Four Thirds CMOS Sensor • ISO 160–12800 • 20mm lens • $70 — used body

After owning a dozen or so cameras (film, DSLR, mirrorless)…

I used to go out for coffee. That was before staying home as I try to flatten the COVID curve here in Tokyo. But early in March, I visited one of my favorite roasters, Kanno Coffee Factory and Lab, and enjoyed their coffee and vibe. It’s not often I get to shoot a large space like this without distractions or interruptions, so this was significant.

I hope you enjoy these images and are able to visit Kanno on a future trip to Japan. 📷☕️💯

5pm, and the announcement went out. “Stay home and protect your community” ← the voice over the loudspeakers said something like that.

I live in Tokyo and have been doing my part to not go out except for a quick exercise walk or trip to the grocery store. However, yesterday…

Jason Garcia

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